What we will do for you

This is what we will do for you when we are elected:

  • Our goal as Board members is to reduce water rates
  • We will work to return Tier 1 level to 7.99 units and stop penalizing families.
  • Develop an action plan for completing infrastructure projects
  • Work with cities and other water agencies on projects for the betterment of the whole
  • Consider alternate projects such as recycled water for irrigation in medians and parks (County parksĀ  had to stop irrigating this year as a result of Soquel Creek Water District rate increases.)
  • Develop the 160-acre Glenwood Drive reservoir property the District owns and create an opportunity for water storage and percolation ponds
  • Develop a multi-year and long-range Capital Improvement Project Plan (the District until recently did not have one at all) and designate funding goals
  • Keep projects within budget and ensure they are sustainable
  • Get other Board members to join us and effectuate change

Vote for Kates and Marsilio to make these changes a reality!