Kates Candidate Statement

Soquel Creek Water District Board
November 2020

Corrie Kates, Retired Businessman

A vote for me to lead Soquel Creek Water District will ensure more transparent leadership to represent you.  I have 32 years of experience in managing large municipal projects upwards of $100 million.  My governmental and private experiences make me the right choice.  I have also managed and prepared municipal budgets and made cuts to budgets when there is a need to ensure the continuation of municipal services.  I believe in long-range strategic planning and working with local agencies in collaboration to provide long-term affordable sustainability.

My experiences allowed me to facilitate and guide joint venture projects with local water purveyors including grant funded projects and State and Federal Agencies.  Such projects include recycled, recharge, storage and water transportation projects.  I have prepared joint powers agreements with water Districts and other local agencies for emergency water services and rate re-structuring.

I believe in transparency and budgeting within your means and not spending funds that are not available.  I can make a difference as your next Board of Director to guide the Soquel Creek Water District, in their decision-making.  I can and will help them make the right choices while being mindful and listening to the ratepayers that support the District.